Automatic vial packing machine purposely studied and developed to be connected with after-forming lines by OCMI/Moderne Mecanique firstly but suitable to work with different lines as well.

The model PM-V allows to pick glass vials from the chain of the production line and put them in the boxes without missing units.
The compact structure of the model PM-V has been studied even for factories with really limited passage available between production lines.
One traditional manual packing station available in OCMI/Moderne Mecanique lines remains in its position and represents an alternative option to continue with the production when the automatic packing machine is under maintenance or stopped for any reason.
In the standard version the racks of packing machine pick the vials directly from the chain of the after-forming. The position of the four boxes, declining towards the centre of the table, allows to reduce the movements of the picking arm, that means less mechanical parts working and a longer working life of the mechanism. Vacuum system picks the vials with two cups per each item.

Alternative versions for the feeding of this machine can be studied according to the factory lay-out and the model of after-forming line.

Manual operations for adjustments and job changes are executed through the touch screen. The available functions include the picking simulation, counter of packed units and completed boxes and partial or total amount of picked units, jobs parameters storage, set of numbers of vials per row, set of rows configuration.

With four stations equipped with one box each. One of the stations is always busy with the system picking the glass vials from the rack of packing machine and positioning them into the box through vacuum cups. Once the box loading is complete the round table executes a clockwise rotation in order to guarantee the continuity of packing operation and to allow the operator the access to the filled boxes.

For correct machine functioning. One sensor sends a signal to a lamp launching an acoustic signal in order to inform the operator that he must unload at least one filled box. One more sensor, with adjustable positioning, detects the missing units on the chain of production line and stops the rack of packing machine. That allows to get always full lines of vials in the boxes.

Light and acoustic signals indicate the working status of the machine and advise when the rotating table is moving. The few uncovered parts of picking system are protected by security cables with safety micro-switches. Emergencies buttons are located along the machine perimeter in order to stop the machine in case of need.

Machinery for the production of tubular glassware for the pharmaceutical industry as confirmed by the great number of machines installed worldwide.
The core business of the OTG division is the manufacturing of custom gears and gear units for industrial application, high speed, step-up, railway, single or multi-stage gears unit and test bench.